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  • FAQ
1. What is GOB?
GOB stands for GUI based OIL Builder. It's a free OSEK configuration builder that generates OIL (OSEK Implementation Language) files.
2. Why you create such a tool?
As I searched around the world, there's a lot of tools to generate the OIL files. I can use none for free, as some of them are comercial softwares and some are not public released. So I decide to develop the GOB.
3. How can I use it?
You can refer to the Getting started document to use the GOB.
4. I'm sure I found a bug after using the GOB, how can I submit it?
First, thanks so much for your feedback. Please feel free to submit a new ticket to the Issue Tracker of GOB. Of couse, if you think you fixed it by your way, please share your patch with us. :)
5. I have some advice for the GOB, where can I submit my suggestion?
Your suggestion is so important for us to improve the GOB. You can tell us by submit a ticket or write it down in the Forum. Thank you very much!
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