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  • Setting up the build environment
Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
Download the Visual Studio Express Edition offline install image from, then burn the ISO image to a DVD or extract the contents to a folder. Then install the Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.
Download the DialogBlocks from and install it.
  • Installing wxWidgets
Download latest wxWidgets version from

Add an "Environment Variable" named "WXWIN" with the value is the directory path, where the location of wxWidgets you extract.

Then open DialogBlocks and create an new project named "build_wx". Select "VC++ Project" with "Unicode Debug" and "Unicode Release" are both involved. Shown as below:

DialogBlocks New Project Wizard Configuration
Click the "Settings" toolbar button to open the Settings dialog. Choose the "path" page and specify the right path of "WXWIN", "PLATFORMSDK" and "MSVCDIR". Take below configuration as an example:
DialogBlocks Path Setting
Build wxWidgets via DialogBlocks:
Build wxWidgets via DialogBlocks
  • Get source code
Checkout source from SVN or download the source tar ball.
  • Compile GOB
Open the VC++ project file (oil_builder.vcproj) with VC++ 2008 Express Edition, which located in "build" subfolder. Choose a "solution configuration" (Unicode Debug or Unicode Release) and then build it.
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